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Have you seen the Guardian today? ( sat 1st Oct) the independent bookshops directory comments on our shop \"The Owl & Pussycat Bookshop\" & mentions 2 furry Keeshonds, who are on hand to Delight the children.
walt wyeth, Ealing, London

Thank you for the positive feedback. I shall do my best to be prompt with updates, results etc.! Any informal photos that people have of their kees would be appreciated to keep our front page gallery fresh.
Webmaster, Bedfordshire

I bumped into a Keeshond owner today and had a lovely chat, which reminded me of our own dog. I started reminiscing and Googled this site. We owned Doniagayrt of Dorlan Gogh (AKA Togs) many years ago, who was Champion Keeshond puppy of Wales. We rescued him from his elderly owner, who could no longer cope with him as she was becoming disabled, and he was our beloved pet until he died many years later.
Angela Stevens, Kent

My daughter adopted Benny when he was only 2 weeks old and because she was gone all day to school, and I worked at home..he and I just bonded and when I moved to the Caribbean, of course he went with me. He is now 13 years old and whenever someone meets him, they always say..he doesn\'t really know that he\'s a dog! He plays with rabbits and cats, etc. and is so enjoyable and follows me wherever I go and always has. When he was only 9months old, I had a trainer come to my house but they said it was useless because he already did everything I said! He\'s an amazing dog! He is about 85% Keeshond and 15% Shepard. He\'s red instead of gray and he does like to be shaved and does have skin allergies every so often but it is manageable. When I travel away., he does tend to lay by the door and wait for me. I was always afraid of dogs growing up and was a cat person, but he has been a remarkable companion. He is definitely one of the most interesting and loyal pets I have ever come across!
Julia Rosol, Dallas, Texas and then st. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Very nice site.
Door de Wolff (ex Swagers), Waddinxveen Netherlands

I love my Apollo and he is sweetest dog. My second Keeshond and my favorite breed.
Patricia Schaff, Charlotte, NC

I have enjoyed looking at your new website. So interesting and full of useful information and photos. Love the Club Archives page. Really enjoyed looking at Audrey Woodiwiss's keeshonds that she bred over the years. Looking forward to seeing more breeders included if possible. As I know there must be alot of hard work involved. I cannot imagaine life with out a keeshond, they are such loving and loyal companions.
Nicky, Chittlehampton . Devon

I'm trying to locate a keeshond breeder in Northern Ireland (or the Republic, or if necessary Northern GB). I'm retiring in about 18 months and wish to get a keeshond puppy at that time, but would like to be in contact with someone about availability - do i need to get on a list?
Sue Christie, Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

I just got my first Keeshond and browsing the web trying to find more and more information about the breed 🙂
Jukke Nellen, Finland

Looking at the Duroya Keeshonden made me feel very nostalgic. I bred and showed Kees for 47 years. My dogs were of the old type which I truly love.. They did very well in the show ring winning multiple groups and Best In Shows. How I regret the changes made to the breed.
Candy Harris, Childrick Keeshonden, Boise, Idaho

I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your Website. Reading about the wonderful Keeshonds & their antics & peculiarities has been such a 'buzz'. The photographs are fabulous. We have a 16year old Keeshond named Yasha. We hope that you don't mind that she has a tiny bit of German Shepherd, so we were told, from her father. She has been the most fantastic friend & companion but is a dear 'old lady'
Carolynn Chance, Australia

Hi guys just like to say that I like the new site, News and updates are a lot more regular than previously. Keep up the good work
Clive Day, Manchester

Love my Kees\'s...Currently have 2 in the house. Love them! They are the most loving companions : )
Kelly, Cincinnati, OH

Hi ,just looking around on the internet and saw the name Neradmik.Back in mid 70's it was my joy to be owned by Julyn Thumbkin( Fonzie ) and I seem to remember there being a few Neradmik's in his lineage.Also previous Kee's that we owned(I am sure they own us) were Rhinevale's in fact our first one Rinty (Rhin evale Renegade) bought me up unfortunately our second Timba (Renegade Rhinevale) had epilepsy (at the time '71 one of 2?? to suffer from it) Do love their stubborn,loving nature though once you've had one you never quite forget them
Kaz Purcell, Wales

In 2010 the thought of having a dog was something we had not contemplated, it was only in November when our daughters Alsation puppy died tradgetically with hole in the heart, that our thoughts turned in the direction of helping her to find a replacement. Brousing the dog books my attention kept coming back to the picture and write up of the Keeshond, nothing else appeared to match up to it. I started making enquiries, leaving my phone number and email address, nothing was available in the UK. Then by chance I made contact with Alison Passmore, Torrikees, on Christmas Eve, it turned out that one of her bitches had given birth to six puppies the day before, 3 boys and 3 girls, The girls were spoken for but if I replied quickly there was chance of having a boy, this I did and then the long wait before we could collect it. By this time my daughter had booked a Newfoundland, just 4 weeks older than the Keeshond, but by this time we were hooked on the thought of having such a wonderful dog. We feel even more honoured and priviledged to know that we were lucky to get one at all, one out of 103 born and registered in 2010 and to have gained the friendship of Alison and Ivan Passmore.

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