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The aim of Health Matters is to promote the health and wellbeing of our beautiful breed by offering information on the conditions that have been found to affect the Keeshond and the progress that has been made at eradicating them from the breed.

The greatest advance has been the ability to eradicate Primary Hyperparathyroid diseases  It is now 12 years since the genetic test to establish whether or not a Keeshond had the gene associated with PHPT was launched. This has enabled breeders to ensure that only dogs that are negative for the gene are used for breeding. This valuable tool has given us the means to make the disease history when breeding.  All dogs imported into the UK are cleared for the disease and the Kennel Club records the status of each dog on its registration documents.

We have had active research into the other two known conditions and we are fortunate to have the support of  talented veterinary partners and researchers.  Advances in DNA analysis has unlocked the causes of so many canine diseases, and we confidently look to this being available for other breed disorders.

The Keeshond is a wonderful companion and just excels at being with us. If you are already a Keeshond owner you have found a perfect friend. For those looking for a companion and considering the breed, please feel free to contact any of our Club Members who will only be to happy to talk to you.

Please browse Health Matters and take the opportunity to have a look at the books, and complementary web sites, that are recommended.  If you have any queries, or suggestions of other topics you might like to see in Health Matters please contact me.  With best wishes,

Jane Saunders

Keeshond Club Health Co-ordinator


EPILEPSY Research AHT update  July 2013

update June 2014

EPILEPSY targets reached

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