Training & Behaviour

Click here for larger image Think Dog
by John Fisher
ISBN: 1844031209An excellent book for those who wish to understand what makes the dog tick. John explains that dogs will never understand human values, but humans have the ability to understand canine ones.
dogs-mind The Dogs Mind
by Bruce Fogle
ISBN: 0876055137If you ever wondered why you dog behaves as it does then this book will give you an insight into how behaviour is influenced by the dogs ancestors and by its growth and development within the human pack. Covers all life stages from new-born to old age.
Ain't Misbehavin': Good Behaviour Guide for Family Dogs Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Good Behaviour Guide for Family Dogs
by David Appleby
ISBN: 1874092729A must have for any owner. Every-time I have loaned my copy to someone they have ended up buying their own copy! This book gives a step by step approach to raising and training the family dog and how to cope with and overcome all the common mishaps and behaviours that might be encountered.Using kind methods of training combined with a good understanding of what makes our dogs tick, the author takes the reader on a journey into the dog’s psyche, advising on how to gently train a puppy from its earliest days, how to achieve ‘good behaviour’ and how to handle a wide range of behaviour problems.Owning a dog can be hugely satisfying, and the more we can understand our pets the more satisfying our relationship can become. The dog’s world is a fascinating place and this book, aptly entitled Ain’t Misbehavin’, helps us to take a glimpse inside it. So often a dog’s behaviour is described as being ‘naughty’ when in fact it may only be displaying its natural behaviour, but perhaps displayed in inappropriate circumstances. By understanding why dogs do what they do, we can often modify that behaviour to make them more suited to our social needs.
The Perfect Puppy: Britain's Number One Puppy Care Book The Perfect Puppy – How to raise a problem-free dog
by Gwen Bailey
ISBN: 0600585816Gwen Bailey has a wealth of experience in training and understanding dog behaviour. This book emphasises on prevention rather than cure and it sets out to help the owner to understand the behaviour of their pet in order to prevent problems before they start. Further information
How To Speak Dog How to Speak dog
by Stanley Coran
ISBN: 074320297XStanley Cohen is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and has written a number of excellent books on dog behaviour and intelligence including The Intelligence of Dogs. The author explores dog communication and how they “speak” to each other, how they understand messages that humans send to them and how humans can translate the ideas the dog is trying to transmit. This book is a must for anyone wishing to better understand their canine friends.
The Truth About Dogs
by Stephen Budiansky
ISBN: 075381322XA thought provoking look at the ancestry, social conventions, mental habits and moral fibre of Canis Familiaris! The author is not only an accomplished scientist and journalist but a dog lover! His writing gives an amusing but at the same time detailed look at our dogs’ in relation to their behaviour, genes and evolution and explores how we can learn to understand them better. Anther present from my dog loving cousin and an excellent read.
TTouch for Your Dog Getting in Touch With Your Dog
by Linda Tellington Jones
ISBN: 1872119417An excellent, easy to follow guide for working with your dog. Includes case studies of particular situations such as firework phobia.
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