The Doglopaedia, The (Complete Guide To... (Ringpress Books)) The Doglopedia
by J M Evans and Kay White
ISBN: 1860540740Excellent, easy to read basic guide to your dogs health, Easy to follow sections for common health conditions and mishaps.
 Book of the Bitch The Book of the Bitch
by J M Evans and Kay White
ISBN: 1860540236First published in 1997, Book of the Bitch is now available in a new edition, providing thorough, in-depth coverage of every aspect of caring for and understanding the canine female. For those interested in breeding a litter, the procedure for whelping and puppy rearing is carefully explained, while detailed advice is given on how to recognise signs of sickness, and, in particular, those diseases to which bitches are prone. Book of the Bitch is essential reading for anyone considering owning a female dog
9780812091496: Caring for Your Older Dog Caring for your Older Dog
by Chris Pinney DVM
ISBN: 0812091493Written by an American veterinarian to explain the ageing process and major conditions and diseases affecting older dogs. Excellent section on understanding diagnostic tests your vet might perform on your dog, how to recognise symptoms and what to do, also includes diet and care.
UCDavis Book of Dogs The UC Davis Book of Dogs
Edited by Mordecai Siegal
ISBN: 0062701363A superb book for anyone who has a basic understanding of veterinary terminology and wishes to know more about the conditions that might affect their dog. The book is written by the veterinary teaching staff of the UC Davis Veterinary School in California with the mission of helping owners to understand their vets and the conditions they are treating. Has chapters on all main body systems and also on care, behaviour and nutrition.
 the BVA guide to dog care  The British Veterinary Association Guide to Dog Care
by David Taylor
ISBN: 0863184030This provides an excellent reference point for both now and experienced dog owners. It covers all the basic dog care sections along with clear easy to follow summaries about main illnesses and diseases and how to spot them. Well worth a place on the book shelf.