Research updates – Alopecia X

Support for the Alopecia study has been disappointing. Dr Rosario Cerundolo has only received 4 samples and we need  approximately 24 to run a DNA analysis This is an easier condition to identify but we still need samples if we are to understand why it happens.  Rosario has asked Tosso Leeb about using swabs but he does need blood for his particular method. Please support this research.

If you have a dog with coat loss please contact Rosario in confidence for further information at:

tel: 01638 572012


Some progress at last – 17 June 2011

In the past few weeks there has been some encouraging progress. Thanks to a dedicated keeshond supporter in the USA, samples from 3 affected keeshonds have been collected and shipped to Tosso Leeb in Switzerland. It can be done. We now need more people to come forward and contribute samples if they own a keeshond who has been affected, or still has symptoms of Alopecia X. Although the condition is ‘cosmetic’ causing no internal health issues, it would still be  good to identify the cause and eliminate it from the breed.

Every sample is one more towards the target of 24. If you can help, please contact Rosario at the address above.