Web Links

As well as the many excellent books that are available to pet owners, a few of which are on The Book Shelf the Internet provides a wealth of information for the dog owner. Here are some of the superb sites, that you might find useful, which I have placed in the categories of: Veternary, Training and Behaviour.


Cornell University

This is the information site of the University of Cornell Veterinary School in the USA. It offers the owner who wishes to understand more about conditions that may affect their dog a Diagnosis, Symptoms and Signs search facility. The results page is linked to references on the PubMed and Merck web sites.

Canine Epilepsy Network

A site dedicated to the understanding of canine epilepsy. There are excellent sections on the explanation and treatment of this disease and also clear and concise tables outlining the basic and more advanced tests that a veterinary surgeon may use in the diagnosis of the condition.

Canine Epilepsy UK

This new UK site has been sponsored by Vetstream Ltd. The site is aimed at both veterinary surgeons and owners and contains a wealth of useful information form identification and management to current research information.


Specialist veterinary pharmacies are able to supply a large range of both prescription and non prescription products for your dog. You can get details of products available by using the web site or alternatively ringing the free phone number 0800 387348 for a free catalogue.

Dorwest Herbs

A supplier of herbal remedies and supplements for over 50 years. They produce a range of licensed veterinary herbal remedies and also a range of homeopathic products. Other products include natural dietary supplements to add to home made diets.

Canine Hydrotherapy Association

This site belongs to the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and contains detailed information on the benefits of hydrotherapy for both therapy after injury and swimming for recreation and fitness. Has a pool finder section to locate pools around the country.


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

This is a register of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. This organisation was set up in 1995 by John Fisher one of the leading behaviourists in the country to offer pet dog owners a guarantee of quality when looking for a puppy or dog training class. All members of APDT are assessed against strict criteria and agree to abide by the kind and fair principles of training. No harsh or punitive techniques or equipment are allowed. The site also has excellent links for training and behaviour.

Clickertraining (KPCT)

The site of the top Clicker Training expert Karen Prior. Gives lots of useful advice on this highly successful way of training you dog.

Scallywags School for Dogs

This Hampshire based training school is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. It has a particularly good section on Clicker Training and how to use the clicker.


The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

The association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors is the leading body of experienced behaviour counsellors. All members have satisfied the association of their competence by meeting the criteria of the APBC. The members work on veterinary referral to ensure all possible medical conditions have been explored prior to referral for behavioural work. This organisation is recognised by most leading pet insurance companies.