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Dog ownership is a precious gift and you will probably agree that, in the busy world in which we live, it’s a relationship that gives much pleasure. Pet ownership has also been shown to provide many positive advantages for our own health, as well as aiding recovery after illness – and they ask for so little in return.

Although we cannot always save our beloved pets from illness it is important that we do all in our power to prevent disease where we can. It is common knowledge that all pure bred dog breeds have some breed related health problems. However, while the Keeshond is not an exception it is certainly in a more fortunate position. This doesn’t mean to say we can afford to be complacent, on the contrary it is important that we remain vigilant as early intervention often leads to successful treatment.

From all the varied suggestions put forward, the club membership voted overwhelmingly to create, from the funds leftover from Keeshond 2000 75th  Anniversary event should be used to form a health fund for the good of the dogs.  At the 2003 AGM, Jane Saunders was elected as the  Keeshond Club Health Coordinator.

Although no mandate existed, prior to 2003, it was agreed that the Health Co-ordinator would liaise with veterinary specialists so that club members could be kept up-to-date with current developments in veterinary research. Although, in individual cases, the Health Co-ordinator is able to highlight what options are available it must be stressed that where a particular concern exists the breeder should be contacted in the first instance.

Contact the Health Co-ordinator

For further help or advice on health and behaviour matters, please contact:

Jane Saunders

      BSc (Hons) Dip AS (CABC)

Telephone: 023 8073 5494

E-mail:          Jane

Important: You should always consult a qualified veterinary surgeon if your dog is unwell. It is unlawful for anyone who is not a qualified veterinary surgeon to diagnose and treat an animal.

The Keeshond Health Fund

The Keeshond Health Fund exists to promote the health and well being of all Keeshonds, to seek to encourage and support research into diseases affecting the breed and to ensure that every effort is made to breed dogs free from inherited disease.

Objectives of the fund

  • To provide information to owners of Keeshonds on health matters to enable them to be fully informed of conditions that might affect their dogs.
  • To organise events for all owners of Keeshonds where they may receive information and advice from expert speakers on topics involving canine health.
  • To provide financial assistance to approved scientific partners in conjunction with appropriate bids for funding to investigate diseases and conditions relevant to the Keeshond.
  • To work with relevant scientific partners to aid the development and success of any active research projects and to enable proposals.
  • To actively seek ways to raise money to increase the capital sum in the fund.

Jane Saunders
Health Co-ordinator

Promoting the health and wellbeing of the keeshond
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