The Keeshond Club’s objective is to promote the general interests of the Keeshond by encouraging breeding to the Kennel Club Breed Standard.  Additionally the club promotes the breed by offering training events, and runs three shows (two Open and one Championship) a year.

The club holds one or two judging seminars throughout the year.  Two types of seminars are offered by The Keeshond Club;

  • Stage One – general breeder seminar where candidates can learn about the breed standard and gain hands-on experience with a number of Keeshonds.  A certificate of attendance is needed to go on to the next stage.
  • Stage Two – The Advanced Judging Assessment.  This is needed to be allowed to award Challenge Certificates.

If you wish to update your judging CV, apply to be put on our judges list or just want help and advice with reference to The Keeshond Club judging list then please contact:-

Secretary, The Keeshond Club’s Judges Sub-Committee, Melanie Reed-Peck


Please click on the relevant link below to download a current list as a .pdf file

Kennel Club Guide for Judges and Stewards 2015

The Keeshond Club Roll of Honour & A1 Judges List 2016

The Keeshond_Club_judges A2 A3 B & C list 2016

The Keeshond Club New Judges Application Form

Keeshond Club Judges Update 2016

The Keeshond Club Criteria 2016

2012 Breed Watch





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