Keeshond Rescue


Keeshond Rescue is a rehoming service for any Keeshond who is unfortunate enough to find itself in need of a new home. It is available to anyone who owns or knows of a Keeshond in need, Club members and non Club members alike.

Pictured is Nellie who was found wandering and after six weeks in a Home for Dogs was offered to our Rescue.  Nellie is thought to be twelve – eighteen months old.  Her new family are delighted with her and she has settled very well.

If you feel you are in a position to offer help, especially with transport or temporary accommodation, do please contact Jeane Waller.  As always, a very big “Thank you” to everyone who has helped in various ways.  Keeshond Rescue is run and organised by Jeane Waller with the help of Geraldine Clark as Fund Administrator.2014 was a most unusual year for Keeshond Rescue inasmuch as I was not asked to rehome any keeshonds from January to August.  Then the rush started.From August to December we rehomed nine – five dogs and four bitches.  Two were puppies and one junior.  Sadly two keeshond owners died within weeks of each other and left keeshonds needing to be rehomed.  They were both veterans, 8 and 12 years.  One also had a samoyed which, with the help of Samoyed Rescue, we were able to rehome.

Some of the dogs had to travel long distances to their new homes and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has so willingly helped with transporting them.  It is very much appreciated.

All enquiries should be sent to: Geraldine Clark, unfortunately, Jeane is indisposed at the moment and  not available

Geraldine Clark 

107, Araglen Avenue,
South Ockendon,
RM15 5DQ

TEL: 01708 854920

E-mail:  Geraldine

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