2020 January Open Show





BIS – Harris’ Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees

RBIS – Matthews & Ransley’s Ch Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster With Valindale

BOS – Hickson’s Kichigai’s Uptown Girl

BP – Brunt’s Divnyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS)

BV – Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone



1) MPD – 1
1st Brunt’s Divnyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS)

2) PD – 0

3) JD – 2
1st Harris’ Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees

2nd Peck’s Kwajongen He’s A Dandy Byquy

4) SYD – 0

5) ND – 1
1st Brunt’s Divnyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS)

6) PGD – 2
1st Rose’s Rossvale Endeavour AT Esorkees

2nd Harding’s Dakaraikees Haristotle

7) LD – 2
1st Pattisons’ Serenaubach Full Of Wonder

2nd Brunt’s Zandvoort Uo An Purrsonal (AI)

8) OD – 3
1st Matthews & Ransley’s Ch Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster With Valindale

2nd Hicksons Ch Kichigai’s Only The Lonley

3rd Bennett’s Byquy Rich Gent

9) VD – 1

1st Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone

10) BD – 0

11) NBBED – 0

BD – Harris’ Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees

RBD – Matthews & Ransley’s Ch Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster With Valindale

BDP – Brunt’s Divnyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS)

BVD – Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone




12) MPB – 0

13) PB – 0

14) JB – 2

1st Hickson’s Kichigai’s Uptown Girl

2nd Axford & Sherwood’s Kwajongen She’s A Model For Byquy

15) SYB – 1

1st Brunt’s Almazny Istochinik Kadril Zandornya (Imp RUS)

16) NB – 0

17) PGB – 1

1st Brunt’s Almazny Istochinik Vologodskie Kruzheya (Imp RUS)

18) LB – 4

1st Matthews’ Szaryk Aphrodite AT Valindale

2nd Redler & Wheatley’s Byquy Kinky Boots Mac Keitakees

3rd Parrison’s Eastkees The Sunbird

Res Axford & Sherwood’s Lilly Marlina At Watermyth

19) OB – 1

1st Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back

20) VB – 2

1st Divers’ Ir Ch Kichigai Rare Edition At Murmansk IRJCH, SHICM, IRVCH

2nd Harding’s Amikirs Amour

21) BB – 2 (1)

1st Clarks Kwajongen She’s A Muse

22) NBBEB – 1

1st Hardings Amikirs Amour

BB – Hickson’s Kichigai’s Uptown Girl

RBB – Clark’s Kwajongen She’s A Muse

BBP – —–

BVB – Divers’ Ir Ch Kichigai Rare Edition At Murmansk IRJCH, SHICM, IRVCH



The Keeshond Club Open Show – 11th January 2020

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the Keeshond Club for the invitation to judge their Breed Open Show; a breed of which I have a genuine interest. I considered the day to be an honour conferred and thank the exhibitors for an excellent entry and for staying on after the Boston Championship Show classes to support their Breed Club. There were some lovely prizes awarded and everyone was so sporting in their congratulations to those receiving honours. I thank my hard working stewards for keeping the ring running superbly.

Minor Puppy Dog 1
1. Brunt’s Divinyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS). 7 months old. Distinctive, characteristic ‘spectacles’ and shading all give a pleasing appearance. Dark muzzle of correct proportions. Expressive well pigmented dark eyes, well set. Neat triangular shaped ears. Neck well shaped and set on. Compact body; well ribbed. Moderately angulated hindquarters as required, tail set high and carried well. Moved well for one so young.

Junior Dog 2
1. Harris’s Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees. This young dog looks mature and produces a stunning profile. He was certainly on his toes; vivacious, extremely attentive to handler in fact his eyes were totally fixed on her. He did eventually however, condescend to give me an impish glance! Skull and muzzle length well balanced, well set ears, always alert. Dark correctly set eyes. Shoulders well sloped, lengthy neck, profuse ruff, rounded compact body, strong loins. Fore and hind legs sturdy and nicely proportioned in respect to length and bone. In excellent coat and condition. An accurate steady mover. Gave a great performance amongst some good competition. BD & BIS.
2. Peck’s Kwajongen He’s A Dandy Byquy. 15 months. Another super dog of outstanding quality but somewhat different in type to 1. Excellent for bone and substance especially in respect to chest width and length; clearly defined sternum. Loved his dark, beautifully placed well pigmented eyes giving such an alluring expression, correctly shaped ears of good size well set. Super black mask to finish. Strong arched neck, balanced width of front legs with excellent pasterns and neat padded feet. Firm back, well set tail. Well muscled hindquarters, moderately angulated, produced great drive and propulsion.

Novice Dog 1
1. Brunt’s Divinyi Drug Dar (Imp RUS)

Post Graduate 2
1. Roses’s Rossvale Endeavour At Esorkees This 16 month old certainly has a mind of his own! He greatly appeals for type. Well balanced in profile. His head qualities are super. I loved the precise definition and expressive well set eyes in this beautifully proportioned headpiece. Excellent dentition. Arched neck of correct length to balance, secure backline line, short sturdy loin. Tail with tight curl and held correctly at all times. Well made body and strong tight loins. Well patterned coat of great texture. He gave his handler a hard time and in consequence he was a touch erratic on the move, especially in front. Clearly this dog is extremely promising and once he settles will be a strong contender.
2. Harding’s Dakaraikees Haristotle. Mature, at 3 years old although slightly out of coat today. His head properties really appeal as everything is so well balanced enhanced by attractive dark almond shaped eyes well placed. Good dentition. Neck of good length above a moderately angulated front as required, adequate spring of rib and depth of chest. Strong straight topline. Tail set OK. Moved correctly with reach and drive without being exaggerated.

Limit Dog 2
1. Pattison’s Serenaubach Full Of Wonder. 18 months. Impressive dog when standing. Super head qualities and those eyes give an appealing expression. Well set correctly sized ears portraying alertness, frame the picture. Adequate neck with a well formed ruff. Shoulders are well placed and correctly angulated. Well proportioned body and ribbing, high set and tightly curled tail over his back. Impressive coat colour combination. Moved steadily.
2. Brunt’s Zandvoort Up An Purrsonal (AI). A well made and upstanding 2 year old. Coat of correct texture, well presented. Head Ok for balance, good dentition. Dark muzzle. Neck of moderate length above well angulated shoulders. Deep chest. A touch longer cast. Stifles moderately angulated. Tail set OK. Moved soundly but he was a touch reluctant perhaps due to a long day encountered.

Open Dog 3
1. Matthews & Ransley’s Ch SZaryk Dutch Bargemaster. Super for type. Head beautifully balanced, masculine but not overdone. Super mouth and finish. Correct amount of stop. Eyes of lovely size and shape but perhaps could be a tad darker. Fabulous clear facial markings. On the stand he portrays balance in respect of size, shape and bone. Super for chest shoulders and loins. Very good spring of rib and short body. High set tail. Excellent coat texture and colour. On the move he is so impressive. His moderate reach and drive is foot perfect and his gait is both clean and brisk. Well handled to get the very best of him. Reserve BD & RBIS
2. Hickson’s Ch Kichigai’s Only The Lonely. Beautifully sized dog I have so admired before. Gorgeous head of great proportions and expression but still maintaining masculinity. Lovely in respect to size and proportions. Balanced neck, well arched. Secure level backline, high set tail. Neat front proportions, ideal shoulders, compact well rounded feet; toes nicely arched. He was my biggest disappointment today – his qualities cannot be denied but he was intent in doing his own thing and despite adequate opportunity he just moved in any direction which pleased him to do so. Notwithstanding this, later he appeared in the Group ring where he gave a fabulous display and was placed in a very strong Utility Group!
3. Bennet’s Byquy Rich Gent. Another nice dog completing an impressive trio. Mature and masculine with a short compact body, balanced head proportions, dark almond shaped expressive eyes. Good for shoulders, well ribbed and deep chest. Correct moderately balanced hindquarters. Moved well enough.

Veteran Dog 1
1. Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream. 9 years and in great condition. Balanced head, super for neck, shoulders, topline and tail set. Super angulations with excellent body shape and proportions. Moved really well. Best Veteran Dog & BVIS.

Junior Bitch 2
1. Hickson’s Uptown Girl. This young lady and I have met before when I acknowledged her many qualities on that occasion. Now a few months later, maturity has been extremely kind and she has really come together. Gorgeous feminine head contains a balanced wedge shape, dark muzzle and well shaped eyes, all portraying such a beautiful expression. Head markings complete the picture including evident spectacles and pigmentation. Correct length of neck. Super ruff. Good for chest, backline and short loins. Strongly made hindquarters, neat padded feet, well arched. Coat correct for age and being well defined in pattern. Today she was so impressive on the move with reach and drive producing a typical light economic gait. Exemplary showgirl, she knows how to put it on! In the challenge her accurate, precise, light footfall just gave her the nod in front of another gorgeous example of the breed. BB.
2. Axford’s Kwajongen She’s A Model For Byquy. Maturing nicely in body although at present, coat is clearly going through the teenage moult. Well balanced head being of correct wedge shape and of good proportions. Neck is medium in length with adequate arch. Correct angulations; pasterns OK. Good overall bone. Just preferred the compactness of body and expression of 1.

Special Yearling 1
1. Brunt’s Almaznyo Istochinik Kadril Zandornya (Imp RUS) 14 months and obviously still maturing. Head well balanced with expressive eyes giving a feminine expression. Perfect, small well shaped ears. Correct balance of muzzle to skull. Well-knitted body. Short, firm loins. High set tail. Well textured coat. Neat correctly shaped feet well padded. Front movement needs to settle, but has time on her side.

Post Graduate Bitch 1
1. Brunt’s Almaznyo Istochinik Vologodskie Kruzheya (Imp RUS) This 16 month old quite impressed me. I particularly liked her head shape containing attractive dark almond obliquely set eyes. Slightly arched strong neck, well sloped shoulders. Adequately boned straight forelegs, round catlike feet. Good for spring of rib and brisket. Typically short and compact in body, high set tail tightly curled over her back at all times. Her temperament is excellent. Produced impressive brisk, typical movement which was accurate both coming and going.

Limit Bitch 4
1. Matthews’s Szaryk Aphrodite At Valindale. This 2 ½ year old was presented in fabulous coat and furnishings. Defined distinctive coat markings. I loved her size and shape. She is so balanced in respect of substance and bone. Her beautifully proportioned head, dark appealing eyes and balanced wedge gives such a feminine expression. Neat alert well placed ears. Moved beautifully. She was close up in the challenge. Champion quality.
2. Redler’s Byquy Kinky Boots At Keitakees. 3 year old bitch that is extremely attractive in respect of head qualities. Attractive eyes being dark in colour and well set. Defined spectacle markings. Correct muzzle to skull ratio. Ears small and well shaped. Sturdy all through, her body proportions are so impressive. Neck moderate in length. Moderate angulations. She stands on well padded tight feet with strong pasterns. Moves soundly and precisely. Coat of excellent texture and colour but perhaps just finished a moult. A stylish free, accurate mover.
3. Pattison’s Eastkees The Sunbird. Another nice bitch sporting an attractive, balanced head with clear defined pencil lines and dark muzzle. Correct neck, shoulders well placed. Firm, secure in top line. Strong balanced hindquarters, high set curled tail over her back. Coat texture OK. Moved well.

Open 1
1. Redler’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back. Appealing dark grey bitch of a lovely size. OK for head proportions, dark sparkling eyes giving a lovely expression. OK ears. Moderate angulations throughout. Correct topline and good for bone. Steady easy mover. Very well presented.

Veteran Bitch 2
1. Divers’s Ir Ch Kichigai Rare Edition At Murmansk. This 10 year old is an absolute credit to her owner. She is in fabulous condition and presented to perfection. Lovely head qualities, pigmentation OK for age. Holds a secure topline and high set tail on the move. Excellent for neck shoulders and front assembly. Good for chest and ribbing. Coat of excellent texture.
2. Harding’s Amikirs Amour. 11 years old. Well balanced head and alert dark eyes. She moved well and has a correctly textured coat of defined colours. A touch long in body. Well set tail. She was clearly tiring at the end of a seemingly long day.

Breeders Bitch 2,1
1. Clark’s Kwajongen She’s A Muse. A 15 month old ultra feminine girl who is just so beautiful. She is of a lovely size and presents a stunning profile. Her stunning wedged shaped balanced head portrays the most feminine of expressions. Expressive dark ‘eyes to die for ‘. Balanced neck above well laid shoulders. Good bone throughout and square shaped and compact in body. High set tail. Presented in excellent coat for colour and texture. In a very well contested challenge against the Junior and Limit winners I was really splitting hairs. Clearly a Champion in the making. RBB.

Not Bred By Exhibitor 1
1. Harding’s Amikirs Amour




Special Award Classes

Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland

Thank you to the Committee for the wonderful invition to judge the special award classes at the Club Show. This is a delightful breed with so much personality and I certainly had some top quality exhibits to assess and no absentees on the day. All the dogs were beautifully prepared. Many thanks for a lovely day. Thanks too to my excellent ring stewards.

Special Yearling Dog/Bitch (3,0)
1st: Hickson’s Kichigai’s Uptown Girl. A little super star in the making. Wonderful head with typical Kees expression. Good wedge. Skull to muzzle equal in proportion. Dark muzzle. Dark eyes of almond shape. Small, neat ears set just the right distance apart. Typical spectacles/markings present. Moderate length to neck. Moderate angulation fore and aft and square in outline. Chest developing well. Firm topline. Strong loins. Tail is high set. Has enough daylight underneath her. Moderate bone. Coat perhaps a tad soft at present, but, I’d say, correct for age. Feet cat like. Excellent mover in profile and out and back. Correct colour with no hint of tawnyness. A little glamour puss without being overdone in anyway. Sure fire future Champ.

2nd: Axford & Sherwood’s Kwajongen She’s A Model For Byquy. 15months and more mature than 1st. Head stronger than 1st, but still has good wedge and equal muzzle to skull. Bit bolder in eye than 1st and not such a pleasing expression. Dark eyes. Ears look small and correct ivy leaf shape. Typical spectacles. Neck medium in length with slight arch. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Rather long on body – could be more square in outline, but this was emphasised by the fact that she was totally naked today. Good bone. Chest deep, but a tad wide which shows in her front gait. Tail set is high enough. Sound in profile action.

3rd: Brunt’s Almznyi Istochinik Kadril Zandornya (Imp Rus). Very foxy, attractive, wedge shape to head with good dark eyes, lovely small well set ears and correct spectacles. Correct ratios of muzzle to skull. Dark muzzle. Neck is rather short. More upright in shoulder and stifles than 1st and 2nd. Back is short, but almost too short for length of leg. Short, firm loins. High set tail. Very nice texture to coat, but colour looks slightly brown tinged (the light didn’t really help.) Movement is overly short stepping for my preference and rather close behind. Very well presented and handle

Special Limit Dog/Bitch (4,0)
1st: Peck’s Kwajongen He’s A Dandy Byquy. Upstanding dog of much quality. Masculine but showing no coarseness, with nice dark muzzle. Flat skull. Wedge is good. Muzzle maybe just a fraction long. Lovely dark eyes of good shape and are set obliquely. Correct spectacle markings. Ears correct size for balance to head and well set. Good length of neck leading into shoulders that are well set. Enough return to upper arm. Chest reaches to elbow and has enough breadth. Ribs carried well back. Square in outline. Short loins. Firm topline. Stifles show moderate bend and balance front. Strong hocks. High set tail. Excellent coat for texture and clear colour. Moves with purpose and enough scope in profile. Needs to just control his exuberance on the out and back. Another who should reach the elite circles.

2nd: Redler & Wheatley’s Byquy Kinky Boots at Keitakees. 3 year old bitch who is extremely attractive. Built on good lines all through. Head is balanced. Perhaps a shade narrow through the back skull but not overly so. Eyes of good dark colour, almond shaped and obliquely set. Correct spectacle markings. Muzzle to skull ratio equal. Ears small. Neck moderate in length. Moderate angulation all through. Body shape was square enough. Good daylight under her. Chest deep and reaches to elbow. Ok for width. Tail set ok. Short of coat on the day. Moves soundly and precisely. Coat good for texture and colour.

3rd: Axford & Sherwood’s Lilli Marlina At Watermyth. Head presents a decent wedge, but a little stronger than I prefer. Eyes are a little full, but ok for colour. Correct spectacle markings. Ears ok for shape and set. Moderate length to neck. Not so well constructed as 1st and 2nd. Rather longer in body. Firm topline. Tail set a tad low. Moves very soundly in all directions.

Special Open Dog/Bitch (3,0)
1st: Clark’s Kwajongen She’s A Muse. I thought this one was a cracker. Beautiful head and expression. Flat skull and equal muzzle to skull. Dark muzzle with enough underjaw. Excellent wedge shape to head. Expressive dark eyes of excellent almond shape and obliquely set. Correct spectacle markings. Ears could be a fraction smaller but are very well set. Great neck leading into excellent shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Well boned. Deep chest to elbows and also has ideal width for a bitch. Square in body shape. Ribs extend back. Firm topline. Strong short loins. Turn of stifle is correct for the breed. Defined hocks. High set tail. Excellent coat for colour and texture. Liked her for size. Good daylight underneath. Super movement which is brisk and free with enough ground coverage to be typical for the breed. Top class lady who I have no doubt will carry her title soon. Very impressive.

2nd: Brunt’s Zandvoort Up An Purrsonal (AI). A strong boy and up to size. Certainly enjoying his day. Lovely temperament. Eyes good for shape and set. Flat skull. Muzzle a tad long. Dark muzzle. Ears look rather large. Enough stop. Moderate length to neck. Shoulders display moderate angulation. Square enough in outline. Good deep chest with enough breadth. Stifles moderately bent. Tail is set on a tad low, but is carried over the back. Moves soundly. Coat good for texture.

3rd: Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back. Bitch of a nice size. Eyes dark and almond shaped. Correct spectacle markings. Muzzle rather too pointed and slightly weak in underjaw. Ears look rather large for ideal balance. Moderate length to neck. Moderate angulation. Slightly long in body, unfortunately enhanced by a slightly low set tail. Coat of typical colour. Moves particularly soundly in all directions, but perhaps not with the brisk action I expect of this breed. Very well handled and presented.

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